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Create Your Own Life !

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We must let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

- Joseph Campbell
Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

- George Bernard Shaw
When you are reluctant to change,
think of the beauty of autumn.

- V. B. Brown
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mohandas
(Mahatma) Gandhi
Change your thoughts, change your life.
- James Allen
Hello there ! I am Suzeck I am A Energy Healer and Teacher

Im available on a one to one Consultation, a small or large gathering in a workshop enviroment or my latest invention is the NEW ! ON-line courses available in your own time and space. You can join at any time...
Are you looking for a person who can really help you ? Someone who can tune in and work with you through the tough stuff ? A person that has the right qualifications, experience and know how ?

Why pick me or these courses ?
I have experienced what you are going through, wondering where to start my journey, or people that could at least point me in the right direction. It took me thirty years to get here ! I didnt set up last year and fancy myself as a Lifecoach to the human race, this was a gradual and natural evolution.

I have been teaching Self Development courses for the last 30 years , holistic subjects from( Level 1 to Level 3) like Swedish massage, aromatherapy, management, business development, nutrition, stress management, beauty, counselling, face yoga, colour therapy, indian head masage , sports massage, anatomy & physiology and basic IT Skills. I am qualified in all the mentioned fields of holistics and main stream subjects.

My last employment with Northbrook college was as their Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator of all Full and part time courses.

I have been the Owner of the Healing Arts Centre and School with 10 practise rooms a Floatation tank, shop, library. 

TV appearances and a couple of radio visits.
Travelled the world to find my inner self and I have studied with some amazing people along the way
I AM a POSITIVE LIFE Therapist, I can help you with a better Lifestyle regarding your Health, Wealth and Wellbeing.
I didnt like the Life I was leading so I changed it and I can help you change yours too !
Not doing what you LOVE ? Want the right partner ? Want better health ? Or just need more money ?

We try all sorts of courses, healers, therapists to try to change but we end up forgetting we need to REALLY WANT to change, not just beacause everyones else has told you .
Are you ready ?
If we try and act as if we are happy , it shows, just because someone looks happy it does not mean they are .

"When I was in grade school, they told me to write down what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down happy.
They told me I didn't understand the assignment,
I told them they didn't understand life ! "

:   : ))))  Suzeck x