Consultation & Courses 

On offer is a wide range of choice

Positive Life is here to help you help yourself or you may need company for a while, we all do at some point in our lives. On offer is an erray of dissciplines, information, my own wisdom and collected wisdom from the best in the World right now.
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    One to One
    This Consultation is free and is up to 30 minutes long, no obligation to purchase any service .Its designed to help you decide which is the best approach for you and if indeed this is what you want.
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    Quick Reading
    This helps you have a quick look at whats going good for you and what might be in the way. 1 hour of one to one or Skype with Suzeck or a reading sent to your email account. £40
  3. 3
    Full reading with Birthchart
    This is a full reading with Suzeck plus birthchart and indepth colour anlysis. £75 one hour and half.
  4. 4
    Full Reading with follow up
    The complete one to one Numerology, Colour Therapy with Affirmation Work plus Birthchart. £99 2 and half hours.
  5. 5
    :You will be guided through the Energy Centres of the Body using Meditation, Colour, Music, Chant, Movement and Affirmations. Please send Suzeck your Date of Birth: Time if poss with Two numbers from 0 to 102 this will open a clear pathway for Suzeck to connect to your blocks and GIFTS which she will share with you. The Lunch break will an extra 30 mins for PRIVATE questions. EXPECT TO : Claim your POWER ! Cut the ties of your past ! Remove your blocks and stagnant energies ! Claim your GIFTS !! Realign your energy centres Raise your Vibration ! Attract more Love, Money and Happiness into your Life.
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    Weekly courses
    Be your own Super Hero ! Who are you ? What do you want? Do you want to achieve more in your life? Is it time to discover that Superperson inside of you ? You are Brilliant ! You are awesome ! Time to Shine ! You will use Colour, Meditation, Music and Chanting 6 weeks for £120
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    On-line Courses
    Januarys NEW YEAR OFFER ONLY £15 to £450 for one months experience. (NO obligations to join) Its Free to join for anyone in January to " Come and Experience for Yourself............ " Enjoy a month of Positive Thinking with Action on a Secret Facebook Group with like minded people, changing up their ENERGY ( Law of Attraction), with Strong Affirmations for " The POWER of Now", not yesterday or tomorrow ! Work with Positive ENERGY with the support of others. you could make your Inspiration Board with us !!!! Yayh 2016. Are you ready or someone you know as a New Year or Birthday Gift pressie ? : ))))))) Please Share and like : )) Best Gift yet !!! xxxxxxx Love Suzeck SO HERES HOW IT WORKS No time limits...begin and finish and enjoy it when YOU want to ! No getting to the EVENT you are at THE EVENT when you want to be ! Do it on your mobile..tablet or computer long as you can message and post thats fine ! Twice a week you will get a message from me via Secret Facebook/and or email with instructions on how you change your energy and thinking by completing the action ! Yes its that simple ! You can choose wether you join the Secret Facebook group with YOUR supportive, collaborative Positive thinkers or you can do it with yourself/ and or with me only.
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    Help with Physical Health problems
    Mental and emotional issues soon manifest themselves deep into our physche and erupt as physical symptoms to help us look deeper at ourselves. On the other hand physical illness can happen due to our lifestyle of not giving enough attention to our physical bodies or simply not aware of the consequences of neglect or ignorance.